Robbers, Killers Complete

November 4, 2014

Here is tohe complete version of Slayers Special Chapter 3, complete with error fixes.

Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 11

November 3, 2014

Here it is the final part of chapter 3.

Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 10

October 4, 2014

Get the penultimate part of Robbers, Killers here.

Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 9

September 27, 2014

Here is Slayers Special – Book 1 – Chapter 3 – Part 9. Enjoy

Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 8

August 30, 2014

Sorry for the delay. I had the translation for awhile but kept procrastinating. On the god news end the translator has already started work on part 9, and I plan to work on the release as soon as I get the tl. In the mean time here is the release


Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 7, and translator news

July 26, 2014

Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 7, is now released. We also have a new translator for this series, Raugnut Rushnava.

In the mean time I am hoping for some help in finding a translator for our other series, especially the three book series by Yoshiyuki Tomino, Look For Avenir. Which MAY be a prequel to the Universal Century.

Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 6 & Other News

June 26, 2014

First off I have our first update in quite some time for you guys, Slayers Special – Chapter 3 – Part 6. While I have found a new way to get things translated it is MUCH more expensive then in the past and since I am paying for these translations out of my own pocket expect things to slow down a bit.

Because of this any and all new translators are still welcome, and indeed encouraged, to volunteer.

Also I should note that my mediafire account was hacked and I only just know manged to get it back. I have seen no signs that the person who hacked it changed anything other the email address, but I though I should give you guys the heads up just in case.

We need translators, and Look For Avenir – Book1 – Chapter 3 [COMPLETE]

January 15, 2014

All current and future projects are on hold until Fighting Dreamers Scanlations can get a new translator. There are two ways to contact us about it. One is to post a comment to the blog, the other is to email me, my email address as well as instructions on how to submit your email will be on the recruitment page picture in what may be our final release for awhile , and that is the complete version of Look For Avenir – Book 1 -Chapter 3. I look forward to your help.

Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 5

December 19, 2013

Part 5 can be found here.

Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 4

December 9, 2013

Click here for part four.

for some reason mediafire won’t let me copy the link to the file riught now. as soon as that is fixed i will update the postfor now please make do with copying ad pasting the below


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