Slayers Special – Book 1 [COMPLETE] and “One more thing”

You can now get all of Slayers Special – Book 1 in one file. This comes complete with corrected grammar. Especially for story 2.


One more thing, as Uncle would say. I mostly have the first chapter of  Battle Vixens Gekirin Kousatsu (short as it is) done. I just need help from a logo designer/redrawer to help me create an alternate cover page. To clarify what I mean by that I feel that I would like to have to versions of the cover page. One in raw Japanese, one edited to read in English including the title/logo. I still need some help in that regard so if anyone can help me please let me know.

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Bad News and Good News

I have Bad News and I have Good News. The Bad News is that you won’t be getting anymore novel translations for a while as the translator is feeling overwhelmed, and novel translations are too much for them right now. The good news is they are still up for working on scanlations so we will be doing our my best to release all of Battle Vixens Gekirin Kousatsu. After this I will look into what other possible scanlation we can work on.

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News report

I want to let you know all I have been up to. First I am slowly working on putting together a full book version of Slayers Special so those who want it all in one file will have access to it. This will also have some minor grammatical and consistency corrections.

Second I am getting estimates for three different things. First as mentioned I am trying to start up actual scanlations, and I am starting with something small in that regard. Basically the single volume manga Battle Vixens Gekirin Kousatsu this is a spin-off of sorts to the battle vixens manga which is also known as Ikki-Tousen. This manga has 13 chapters and I have gotten an estimate for the first four chapters totalling to 36 dollars which means the halfway point, if you think it is worth donating for is 23 dollars. Let me know if you think it is worth it and if so we can work out the details then.

I have also asked for an estimate for the first part of the first chapter of the first True Tenchi book. For those of you unaware of it these light novels shed light on the background of the universe of the Tenchi Muyo! OVA series. I am also aware of the need to get started on the next Slayer Special light novel, and plan to start prepping the raws for estimation today. That being said I will not send them out for estimation until I get the True Tenchi estimation back as I have had difficulty in keeping from overwhelming the translator.

So that’s the current state of affairs I just wanted to let you guys know that nothing had been forgotten,

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A special treat

I recently had this subtitled for me, and I decided to share it with you guys.

Here it is. Ranma Hot Song Contest – Episode 1. I hope you enjoy.

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A Release and a referal

Get the redone and complete chapter 6 here. Also those of you who missed it please check my previous post  I need help.

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I need help

Hi, everyone. I am not sure if you are aware of this but technically speaking I Am the ONLY staff member at Fighting Dreamers Scanlations. Whenever I want to have something translated for you to enjoy I have to pay someone for a translation. Because it is not a professional translator the prices are reasonable. Even so this takes a heavy impact on my pocket book as I am currently unemployed. This is ONE of the reasons why everything takes so long. It is also why we have mostly done light novels so far DESPITE the fact that the group title has SCANLATIONS in it. You might ask why I pay for translation instead of recruiting staff? Thing is I tried to recruit staff, and have had very little success with it. For example the editor I found to do the Outlaw Star prequel Future-Retro Hero Story has disappeared on me midway through editing the volume. (I am reluctant to release what I have as the volume has no chapter break in it.) Where am I going with this, you might ask? I want to know if you guys would be willing to go halfsies with me for Light Novel translations and manga scanlations. (The same people who translate novels for me said they would be willing to do a co-release of scanlations if I hoof the fee). I have thought about asking for this before but I did not want to as I feel it goes against the spirit of the community but I am currently unemployed and funds are tight. Obviously before we can do this we would need to work out out the technical details. But I want to at least see if you are open to the idea first. Please let me know.

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Look For Avenir – Book 1 – Chapter 5 – Part 2

Get it here.

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