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Slayers Special – Book 1 [COMPLETE] and “One more thing”

You can now get all of Slayers Special – Book 1 in one file. This comes complete with corrected grammar. Especially for story 2.   One more thing, as Uncle would say. I mostly have the first chapter of  Battle … Continue reading

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Bad News and Good News

I have Bad News and I have Good News. The Bad News is that you won’t be getting anymore novel translations for a while as the translator is feeling overwhelmed, and novel translations are too much for them right now. … Continue reading

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News report

I want to let you know all I have been up to. First I am slowly working on putting together a full book version of Slayers Special so those who want it all in one file will have access to it. … Continue reading

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A special treat

I recently had this subtitled for me, and I decided to share it with you guys. Here it is. Ranma Hot Song Contest – Episode 1. I hope you enjoy.

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A Release and a referal

Get the redone and complete chapter 6 here. Also those of you who missed it please check my previous post  I need help.

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I need help

Hi, everyone. I am not sure if you are aware of this but technically speaking I Am the ONLY staff member at Fighting Dreamers Scanlations. Whenever I want to have something translated for you to enjoy I have to pay someone … Continue reading

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Look For Avenir – Book 1 – Chapter 5 – Part 2

Get it here.

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