Slayers Special – Book 1 [COMPLETE] and “One more thing”

You can now get all of Slayers Special – Book 1 in one file. This comes complete with corrected grammar. Especially for story 2.


One more thing, as Uncle would say. I mostly have the first chapter of  Battle Vixens Gekirin Kousatsu (short as it is) done. I just need help from a logo designer/redrawer to help me create an alternate cover page. To clarify what I mean by that I feel that I would like to have to versions of the cover page. One in raw Japanese, one edited to read in English including the title/logo. I still need some help in that regard so if anyone can help me please let me know.

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24 Responses to Slayers Special – Book 1 [COMPLETE] and “One more thing”

  1. You’re not dead! I was actually researching continuing the Slayer Special translations the other day myself and was awed by how expensive it is. The dispirited half-hearted search continues.

    FYI, if you need any RAWs, here’s everything I was able to find combing the internet:!RRlBVSRR!yDFIisiNvt2ObOZQ1l-j8Q

    The other topic: if you have the raws for the cover, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get someone on Reddit’s r/Animewallpaper to at least do the cleaning for you (it’s a “phone” wallpaper)

    • animalia555 says:

      Yeah it took me forever to find a new translator

      • Rewtrokun says:

        I find a trasnslation of fist 2 chapters of Slyers special (on spain =( ) on But this contains more ilustrartion then on this site and then scans of japan original . Maybe new publication ?

    • animalia555 says:

      also does

      The other topic: if you have the raws for the cover, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get someone on Reddit’s r/Animewallpaper to at least do the cleaning for you (it’s a “phone” wallpaper)

      refer to Battle Vixens/Ikki Tousen?

    • Rewtrokun says:

      Volume 13 in special – is not slayers. Vol 7 and 8 same . vol 11 is miss

      • Rewtrokun says:

        But thx any way

      • Thanks for checking! As you can tell I never looked at the files very closely because I can’t read Japanese! I removed the offending files (Special 13 and 7). Sadly, I don’t have anything to replace them with, nor the files to fill the gaps (as far as I know nobody has them). In fact, one of the sources I used to get what I have seems to have gone offline… scary!

        That being said, I’m pretty sure anyone who isn’t a cheapskate like me could get all these on Japanese Bookwalker.

      • Rewtrokun says:

        I find my old collection of special novels in jpn . (vol 1-10) Voleume 7 is missing too =(

      • Davrwa says:

        So that means this volume is not completed? By the way, I asked before in the comment section, but I’ll ask here again: is there any way to find the translated volumes for the main series? All the translations that I knew were taken down and I couldn’t find any left online, just broken links and stuff like that.

      • animalia555 says:

        The volume IS complete now

  2. Merlock says:

    Still alive, ho My!! Thank you for being back, at least! Glad to learn that you have found a new translator! Does that mean we can expect some new Slayers translations soon ?

    Happy! Happy! Happy!

  3. Rewtrokun says:

    Its such a great thing

  4. well, I’ve never read the Special books, so I’m really looking forward to it. I just found you and your blog today.^^

  5. ehagedorn says:

    Great work, this is awesome.

  6. Davrwa says:

    Can someone please inform me if there are any working links for the main LN series? Thanks for any reply.

  7. Hi there this is Fap_fapperson the tenchi muyo fandom’s novel translator ( . I noticed it seems to take you a pretty long time to get through the translation of one book. I’m a big fan of slayers, and would love to teach you any of the techniques i use to help translate novels. i can usually pump them out in less then a month. lately i’ve been finishing a chapter every 1.5 days…. so i can give you tips. either way I’m super exited to see someone translated the slayers special novels. 😀 I hope the fandom revives soon what with the new novels coming out.

    • animalia555 says:

      Sorry I have been gone so long. I am currently sorting through chapter 1 of Book 2 of Slayers Special. As for why it takes so long the reason is twofold. One I don’t know how to translate so I have to get someone to translate for me. I haven’t found anyone willing to translate for free so I have to pay my own money in order to get things translated. Then comes editing the translated sections into a files If you would be willing to translate Chapter 1 of book 2 that would speed things up a lot. After that I have just had a lot going on in my life. Problems with medication makin it hard to focus, a funeral for a grandmother, and with everything else going on I kind of forgot so thank you for reminding me.

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