Bad News and Good News

I have Bad News and I have Good News. The Bad News is that you won’t be getting anymore novel translations for a while as the translator is feeling overwhelmed, and novel translations are too much for them right now. The good news is they are still up for working on scanlations so we will be doing our my best to release all of Battle Vixens Gekirin Kousatsu. After this I will look into what other possible scanlation we can work on.

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2 Responses to Bad News and Good News

  1. Merlock says:

    Errr… Argh!!! Does that mean “no more Slayers novels translations for a while” ?? Sad! Sad! Saaad!!!

    • animalia555 says:

      There’s even more to it then that. When I was reading the single chapter translation so I could compile all of book 1 together I came to a section of the book where I was confused about what or who was being talked about. As a result I had to request the translator to see if they could proof this chapter from the raw and tl for me. Since this was the first thing I was waiting on it means you won’t even see the combined Book 1 with errors fixed I was promising you for awhile.

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