Elsia’s Castle COMPLETE

Here is the complete version of Elsia’s Castle, complete with editing to remove errors.


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4 Responses to Elsia’s Castle COMPLETE

  1. SirGir says:

    Thanks a lot! The Granblue Fantasy Slayers crossover is nice but this is definitely the best thing happening in Slayers fandom these days. I think you pay other people to do these translations, correct? If so, have you ever thought of setting up a Paypal donation box or something?

    • animalia555 says:

      I have thought about it but it would feel wrong in my mind. it’s one thing to use my money when I can’t find anyone else willing to translate, it’s another to ask the public for money for what is technically a not quite legal project.

      • Shilon says:

        It’s not that you are going to ask for money, it’s only a DONATION, people are free to donate his money for what they want. (Sorry my english) And keep going!

  2. Shilon says:

    Thanks you very much!!! I’ve been waiting for this many years!

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