Penultimate Times Two

Here it is the Penultimate Part of the Penultimate chapter of the first Slayers Special novel.

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3 Responses to Penultimate Times Two

  1. StarvingGloomy says:

    Thank you, you’re doing God’s work.

  2. SirGir says:

    Agreed; major thanks. You’re doing the work of the ma-ō (or shinzoku, whoever you prefer).

    Random question: Is there any reason you don’t just put the text of the chapters in the blog itself? I always get a little nervous that the mediafire links will go poof at some point.

    • animalia555 says:

      I try to have one page of the pdf roughly correspond to one page of the actual novel, something that is hard, if not impossible to do with a blog. Let me know if links go down, I will try to reupload them also If you want to copy and paste my files to feel free. I have already added the first chapter.

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