Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 6 & Other News

First off I have our first update in quite some time for you guys, Slayers Special – Chapter 3 – Part 6. While I have found a new way to get things translated it is MUCH more expensive then in the past and since I am paying for these translations out of my own pocket expect things to slow down a bit.

Because of this any and all new translators are still welcome, and indeed encouraged, to volunteer.

Also I should note that my mediafire account was hacked and I only just know manged to get it back. I have seen no signs that the person who hacked it changed anything other the email address, but I though I should give you guys the heads up just in case.

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7 Responses to Slayers Special – Robbers, Killers – Part 6 & Other News

  1. Senzu15 says:

    Really thank you that you want to share stuff that your paying for..You could have the novel translated just for yourself. Respect

  2. Senzu15 says:

    PS Im not sure if this guy is still active but maybe you could contact him?

  3. animalia555 says:

    Thanks Senzu, I was paying before anyways but it’s just that I now have MASSIVE price increase. Do you think there would be any pint in trying to set up donations services? One of the main reasons holding me back from doing so in the past is that if got MORE donations then what was required I would not know what to do with the extra money. That and that given what I do is not technically legal even though I own a copy of the RAWs myself, I would feel guilty asking for donations.

  4. animalia555 says:

    P.S. I checked and I have no idea how to contact that guy.

  5. animalia555 says:

    P.P.S. Found the contact info and have sent an email. Will wait to hear back from him.

  6. BakaOsaka says:

    Good work, keep it up! Much appreciated!

  7. retrokun says:

    i glad to see. your is back

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