Slayers Special – Avenger COMPLETE and the cancelation of Look For Avenir

I have Good News and Bad News. The Bad News is I have decided to stop work on Look For Avenir. The reason I started work on it was that I had heard there was a 3 novel series written by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of Gundam himself that took place in the U.C. universe but before the adoption of the U.C. calendar. I was curious and wanted to know more about it but there was no info available so the only way to find out was to release it myself, and read it as I went along. However it is clear by this point that it is obviously non-canon. What’s more it is not even in its own U.C. canon like Hathaway’s Flash or Gaia Gear are supposedly in. so rather then wait more time on it I decided to just drop it.

Now the Good News. The Good News Is I have spliced all of Slayers Special – Book 1- Chapter 2 – Avenger together, and even corrected past spelling and grammatical errors while I was at it. You can download it here.


What? You didn’t think the good news was going to be some lame joke like I am not cancelling anything else did you? How pathetic would that be.

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8 Responses to Slayers Special – Avenger COMPLETE and the cancelation of Look For Avenir

  1. Coop Cooplowski says:

    As someone that’s been tracking down any small bits of Avenir that I could for years I just wanted to comment saying this is a shame, I was very excited to see someone translating it. I could tell the story was going to be a bit crazy when I heard about the nefupo and the Ar-ramman (or arafman or arhuman or alafman was it you used?). Though I was always under the impression that weirdness was very intentional on Tomino’s part and the idea was to “shake up the foundations of UC” or something along those lines.

    But still as someone who has wanted to know about these books for years would it be reasonable to ask for some summery of the story and/or bits of information about Tender Gears, Alafaman, Avenir, etc.

  2. Gruic says:

    Cool, more Slayers !

  3. Vadim says:

    Aligato for slayers

  4. Memphy says:

    Thank you for awesome Slayers translations. :3
    I was wondering if you’ll be continuing those?

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