updates and stuff to come

I thought i should give you guys some news on what to expect in the future.

First: I am curenntly editing a re-translated version of the Prologue of the first Full Metal Panic! novel Fighting Boy Meets Girl. The Reason i say RE-translated is because I am mainly just making a few minor changes to the official translation, such as adding in honorifcs and putting names back in japanese order (that’s family name first) when nessecary.

Second: I am in the translation checking stage of our first Manga project in a LONG time. Ranma 1/2. while the transaltion changes to the story may be minor, one major change is that you will be able to read in in the original Japanese format (i.e., right-to-left). And I hope to get out Part/chapter 1 after the FMP prologue and before resuming Slayers Special. Im either of these llooks like it may take longer then I expect i may move up the Slayers Special release(s).

Finally: Once I finally finish chapter one of Slayers Special I plan to go back and release it all as one whole file, with some minor errors fixed as well. I hope this news will keep you guys satidfied until the next release.

Till later,  animalia

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