Slayers Special – The Prince Of Saillune – Part 4

Part 4 here.

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7 Responses to Slayers Special – The Prince Of Saillune – Part 4

  1. SirGir says:

    Thanks a lot for doing these! I’d prefer them released in larger chunks (like the first chapter) and I’d prefer Slayers (the main series) volume 11 where the fan translations ended… But since no one is showing the Slayers series any love lately, I am thankful for what I can get! And these translations don’t seem pretty well-done anyway. Eagerly awaiting more! MOAR!

    • animalia555 says:

      Thanks I will try to get out part 5 of chapter 1 by the end of the week work on tihs has unforunaltey fallien by the wayside as work gets started on the main project the Ranma 1/2 manga. however i am still waiting on the translation for that and light novels don’t take much editng work, so I will try to get or done in the mean time.

      P.S. I plan to rerelase the whole first chapter as one file at some point in the future, with any errors that were there fixed.

      P.P.S. I also have plans to translate and retranlate the Full Metal Panic! novels.

    • pip25 says:

      The fan translations did not end with novel 11. We are still actively working on it, don’t worry. 🙂 (Novel 11 is almost finished, actually.)

      Anyway, it’s great to see someone working on the Special series too. Thank you! 😀

      • animalia555 says:

        Could you tell me where to find these fan translations of the main series? I only have a fan tl of volume 9 done by baka-tsuki and the 8 tokypop novels.

  2. SirGir says:

    That is: “these translations seem pretty well-done”. Remove “don’t” from that sentence. Lol. Thanks guy(s)!

  3. Gruic says:

    Wow, that’s a good news ! You should share it with the Slayers fandom.
    I’ll follow your work with pleasure.

    @ SirGir : The translation of 11th novel is not ended at all. The second chapter was release last month, and the third will be release this month. Hlrespect and Pip25 are working very hard on this and they’re doing a great job.
    2O12 is the SLayers fandom year 🙂

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