Look For Avenir

Today we bring you the begining of Look For Avenir a three book light novel Gundam series  taking place in the year 20xx befroe the adoption of the Unviersal Century calender, and written by the graddaddy of gGundam Yoshiyuki Tomino himself.

So without further ado I present you with Look For Avenir – Book 1 – Chapter 1 – Part 1

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7 Responses to Look For Avenir

  1. Anonnie says:

    Just to verify, it’s only one page and a bit of chapter 1 and contains 9 pages of the volume (including the cover and side flap). Is this correct?

  2. Aleksei says:

    I just noticed that this manga looks like Outlaw Star, my favorite anime! I wonder if this manga was the influence for that show. Anyway, I would love to read the entire translation!!!!

  3. Aleksei says:

    Sorry about that, I would like to read the novels when they are done. Regarding my last post though, do you think that maybe the Outlawstar characters were influenced by the cover art from these novels? It would be hard to know or find out I bet.

  4. this is fucking crazy, i never thought someone would actually be translating this. godspeed you wonderful person, i can’t wait to get the finished product.

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