Dragonball volume 1 tale 3

Dragonball – volume 1 Tale 3 – Sea Monkeys is now available.

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3 Responses to Dragonball volume 1 tale 3

  1. Loz says:

    I think it’s mean for people to leave hate comments!

    HAO are scanlating with different raws and translations anyway and besides- who cares?! Everyone is putting in the hard work – people should be GRATEFUL it’s being done at all!! Some people disgust me- I hate it when people cause ‘project wars’ – it brings out people’s ugly side. They are normally thick too haha.

    Thanks so much for doing Dragon Ball ❤ I think it's great 😀

  2. Feanor says:

    I think most people simply don’t see the need. The series is old and has been completely scanlated in lq for people who can’t wait for my scanlation. Sure that’s done with the kanzenban, which gives you a different volume count, but who cares. The chapters have the same order, number and content.
    People probably think doing this in a lower quality yet again is a waste of time that could otherwise be spent to do another project.

    But don’t let it get to you. You do what you want to do, just like everyone else in this business. Some people will like it and others won’t.

    PS: I hope my last comment did not get deleted because you considered it a hate comment. Because that’s not what it was.

  3. animalia555 says:

    actually those older releases look like scans of viz releases without the covers, among other things. In other words not an actual scanlation.

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